In-house Dialysis
At Empire Care
Centers, dialysis is
just down the hall
Our patients on dialysis now have a better place to recover following a hospital stay.
Our newly installed
in-house dialysis center:
  • Eliminates draining commutes
    Including the hours of travel,
    treatment and wait times that often
    disrupt a resident’s entire day.
  • Enhances residents’ quality of life
    With an in-house center that keeps
    residents comfortably indoors and
    in familiar surroundings.
  • Always has a time-slot available
    Because we only service our
    Center’s residents, bookings are
    easily scheduled.
  • Keeps schedules on-schedule
    Now, residents can book dialysis
    around their day, with no missed
    activities, visits or social calls.
  • Reduces risk of infectionsKeeps residents safely indoors,
    with less exposure to strangers
    and to inclement weather.
  • Promotes better care outcomes
    With better access to treatment,
    leading to healthier kidney
    function, energy and appetite.
  • Improves care coordination
    With closer oversight, continuity of
    care, and schedule predictability.
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