Resident performing restore therapy
A fun, interactive, and faster way to recover
As part of Empire Care’s commitment to bringing the best and most innovative programs to our patient’s recovery journey, we’ve partnered with RESTORE.
Resident performing restore therapy
award-winning, online rehabilitation platform
The program was developed by a team of therapists to keep SNF and rehab residents active, happy, healthy and safe.
  • Proven to accelerate clinical outcomes
  • Reinforces motor, cognitive, social, and attention skills
  • Increases quality and frequency of training
  • Includes built-in, data-driven progress tracking
We’re turning every resident’s room into a skill-building gym
Team members and patients access RESTORE from any PC/laptop with an internet connection and a webcam.
Integrates into each center’s existing infrastructure and schedule
  • Mac, PC, and Chromebook compatible
  • Flexible and unlimited license of full platform per facility
  • Connects residents with therapists from around the country
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