Introducing Restore therapy program
Meet Restore: A new, fun way to enhance our residents’ therapies!

In our commitment to give our residents the best experience possible, we are always on the lookout for new ideas and technologies to add to their quality of care and quality of life. That’s the most revolutionary part of Restore – it fulfills both! Read further to see how this incredible program both enhances our residents’ social lives and improves the clinical outcomes of their rehabilitation.

Restore is set up like an ordinary video game with cool graphics and incentives. The webcam tracks the player’s movements and games can be played against the computer or against other players who have the Restore program. This can be another resident at the facility or a child, friend, spouse, or random stranger on the internet! Here’s the really cool part; the players barely realize how much PT, OT, and rehab work is built into the game! What feels like innocent, competitive fun is actually disguised therapy!

“Restore Skills is the BEST way to enhance and reinforce OT and PT skills. It’s literally all fun and games; does not feel like “work” or “practice” at all.”

Each game is designed to help whatever functions the resident is working on improving. The feedback has been amazing – from residents, their therapists, and their families. They get the results they’re working for so much faster with so much less fatigue. With the Covid Pandemic putting our lives almost at a standstill – especially the vulnerable amongst us – Restore has been a godsend! It allows our residents a sense of connectedness. They get to socialize virtually with their favorite people and stay active, with their minds engaged.

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