Glen’s Path to Healing

Mr. Glen Craig, an electrician by trade, arrived at Renaissance Center for Nursing and Healing with multiple fractured bones, following a traumatic motor vehicle accident.

The Challenge

Following a 4-month hospitalization, Glen battled chronic, continuous pain and was still unable to walk. Pins, bolts and rods held together his fractured frame following the multiple procedures he underwent to help his bones bend.

The Journey

Hand-in-hand with his devoted physical therapist Delroy, Glen applied himself wholeheartedly towards recovery. After several months of hard work and steady progress, Glen can now walk freely through our facility. His safety awareness is excellent, and he uses his wheelchair only when tiring.

On Course for Home

With the entire Renaissance Center team rallying around him Glen continues to make phenomenal strides towards his return home, and to his occupation as full-time electrician.
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