Mr. Wood’s Path to Independence

Mr. Wood came to Renaissance Center for Nursing and Healing in early January after being treated in the hospital for left hip fracture.

The Challenge

Mr. Wood was previously homeless and had trouble adjusting to his new environment. He would often become angry and frustrated, but the staff took the time to get to know Mr. Wood and understand his needs.

The Journey

Upon learning that Mr. Wood is close to his mother, the staff arranged for him to speak to her daily to update her on his steady progress. When the nurses learned that Mr. Wood didn’t have any clothing besides for the hospital gown he arrived in, they pulled together to get him some clothes – that’s when he began to feel part of the family.

On Course for Home

Mr. Wood can now transfer himself and self-propels freely throughout the facility. He has learned how to express his needs and desires without becoming angry or frustrated. Mr. Wood is content with his life here at Renaissance Center where he enjoys socials, trivia and music. With the help of therapy and the warm encouragement of the Renaissance team, he continues to become more independent every day.
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